Davids Family

I was so excited to shoot the Davids family again! Especially since they introduced a new bundle of pure joy into their family. Lilly has grown so much and is just the SWEETEST little thing! I went to Amanda and Trevor’s home to do a lifestyle shoot with their family. I thought it might be a little easier than getting out to a location, and Amanda agreed! Their home was darling, and so was their session. We started off in the nursery with mommy, and then I asked Lilly to show me her big girl room where she colored and showed me her rocking lamb! So precious and sweet. Next, mommy and Nora joined her and then big sister read with mommy -which just melted my heart. I am a big fan of reading to my babies, and I just loved capturing that sweet moment for Amanda. They are small right now, but it won’t be long before they have outgrown our lap. Then, it was time for some fun with daddy and I photographed as the two played with block ….taking turns knocking the tower over. Lilly could never wait for it to get taller! Oh, how Lilly loves her daddy! We snuck some pictures with daddy in the nursery ….and can you say “HOW SWEET?!” Nothing is better than a big strong daddy and his little baby girl. Congratulations, Davids family, on your perfect little family of four!

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