Peyton is turning 1!!

It’s time to celebrate big boy Peyton!! He stole my heart the moment I saw him, when he gave me that adorable smile. He rocked his session in the first 2 minutes! I met Brittaney last summer when I took pictures for the Kingdom Kids Daycare in Hamilton, and I was introduced to her sweet little girl Riley. And lo and behold, Riley had this adorable little brother!! We had so much fun…at least I did! haha Peyton was enjoying himself until we let him have the cake. Yep, you read that right. The cake messed up his mood and he wasn’t having much fun after that lol. However, I don’t think he was as miserable as he looked in the pictures hahaha. But he was still oh, so cute! Happy Birthday Peyton …may the years to come be a little bit slower than your first!



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