Happy 1st Birthday Cooper!

How is this little man one years old already?! It’s like he was in his mommy’s adorable belly one day, stole our hearts the next with his beautiful blue eyes and giggle and BAM! He’s one! Slow down mister! His birthday session didn’t go as mom and I planned haha. We had it envisioned with the red and black buffalo plaid and woodland creature theme …and the adorable decorations would sit there perfectly. When it came to the cake, he was going to devour it eagerly and give us big chocolatey grins …..wellllll! He had the adorable part down, and the grin, but he was so active and would barely sit still for longer than a second. I looked down at my camera to check settings, and I look back up and he removed all of the scene for us hahaha. And as far as the cake …this was probably my first cake smash I’ve done where the baby didn’t demolish the cake lol. But boy, he sure is cute!! I just adore this little man!….I’ve told his mom that it’s a good thing I’m already expecting our baby #3 because he gives me baby fever! lol Happy Birthday Cooper Wayne!!

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